Feeling very elitist

For the second time evervin my adult life, I've paid someone to come over and clean my house. She's busting her hump, too.
And here i am, sitting outside enjoying the day. I'm feeling guilty that she's working and I'm not.
In other news, I've been without a laptop now for a couple of months and i don't have it in my budget to buy another one right now. It's difficult to post and comment on my phone and tablet, but I'm keeping up with you. And loving it all!
Have a great day


HelenaMeter saw Fantastic Beasts. Yipee.

Of course the Meter had to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

We all know that this is not a ‘HP’ movie, but several references are thrown in to tie this series to the other. Most impressively, David Yates, Director of “OoTP”, “HBP”, and “DH1&2” was brought back to add his signature style to this (and no doubt the next four) premier movie in the FB franchise.

This will be a very abbreviated Meter report because so many will want to go watch this, and I’m not going to throw any spoilers out there, but if you want to risk a few insights into the rating, check below the link.

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So, this is a brief rating and no true review, but something had to be said. Upon reflection, the Meter doesn’t watch ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’ too much anymore because the film seems to appeal more to a child. I’m pretty certain that’s what is going on here – this film is too silly for my tastes, but I project JKR is capturing a new young audience. As time goes by and the franchise progresses, we’re going to see things take a turn for the dark.

If I were a teacher, I’d give it a B-. 8.1 on the Meter for Fantastic Beasts.


I swear to all fuck I am at my wits end.

60% of my county is now under a mandatory evacuation because of Hurricane Matthew. 

My mother has been fighting my, and my four siblings, recommendation that we get the fuck out of Dodge. I called her at 6:20 am and told her I was leaving with or   without her, so she agreed.

Her two big dogs and I have been sitting in my car for over an hour now because she refused to reschedule a mammogram for 10:30am that I told her yesterday to reschedule.  It's at a hospital so they never close.

When I've told you in the past my mother is controlling,  I wasn't kidding. My blood pressure is going through the roof.



I was in a mood last night. Totally silly and focused on the phallus. I blame too_dle_oo.

One dear friend posted she had bad-girl thoughts of Snape in a kilt against the wall being pleasured by Hermione. I commented that a god might hear our plea.

A god didn't, but a goddess did. mywitch's Oh Helena, one really mustn't rely on gods for those sort of things. Maybe Zeus would do it...

...maybe even I would, in exchange for a nice Snape Wank-a-Thon....reply?

So, the birth of another comment community, snapewankathon has sprung from my loins onto your flist. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I want this to work out like the Summer of Snape comment fest. I think I'll allow this to run through October 31st.

If anyone is talented or charitable enough to make a banner, I would adore that. I would adore you promoting this anyway you want. I'm going to turn off the moderated comments, but if anything is posted involving underage, I'll have to delete it. You've got to tug and pull what you can!

I am an ass.

Dear Flist Friends:

Recently I claimed a prompt on two different fests. I've been very excited about both.

Only one fest piece is being submitted and I've messaged the moderator of the other fest with my apologies. This past month I've had on average one evening a week and maybe four hours a weekend to apply towards any fun hobby, which I consider writing to be a part of.

I've claimed a prompt which others may have wanted and could not get, and now that prompt won't be filled. I've barely been able to write 1K words for it, and I'm nowhere close to being finished.

I don't take this lightly - the moderators go to a great deal of trouble to put together these fests. There really isn't an excuse - I should not have allowed my excitement to get the better of me and I should have only taken on one promise at a time.